Pointing .ml Domain to Blogspot

Pointing .ml Domain to Blogspot
[Freenom Domain Service]

[Pointing .ml .ga .cf .tk Domain to Blogspot]

1) Login your freenom.com account and create your desire domain name
for this tutorial I will just created "kucing.ml"

1) Login to your blogger account and go to setting
(click on +Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog)

3) Highlight this two CNAME did you need on this process

4) Goto your domain panel setting click on Freenom DNS Service and place in these two CNAME

5)Now you must add A Record to make a visitor redirect naked domain@kucing.ml to www.kucing.ml

6) Save Changes in your domain panel and blogger setting

p/s:Don't forget to tick this option

Visit here : www.kucing.ml

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